Akame ga kill

Tatsumi leaves his impoverished village with 2 friends who take separate roads to the capital hoping to earn money in the militia and thus save their people.

Hey you, what are you doing?

On his way, Tatsumi defeats the demons of the forest and learns that there is a group called Night Raid that is fighting against the empire that is cruelly ruled by the prime minister who controls the young regent of the capital.

The Night Raid squad

Tatsumi is helped by some nobles to spend the first night in the city, but to his surprise, those nobles tortured the innocent people of the town, including his two friends from the village, who died.

They are Tatsumi's friends

Killing the nobles was the mission of the Night Raid and on his first night Tatsumi meet and join this subversive group.

They always have a loli don't know why

 This is how Tatsumi meets Akame, a specialist killer with the katana, Leone, a girl who acquires lion powers, Mine, a sniper, Lubbock, a killer who uses threads in his gloves to kill, Bulat, a former imperial officer who owns an Excursion suit and Sheele that uses large scissors to eliminate its enemies.

Leone is my favorite girl.

The head of the group is Najenda, a woman with a patch on her right eye and a mechanical arm. She was a general of the imperial forces until she observed the brutality they exercised.

Akame is a katana master.

Basically every episode of Akame Ga Kill is about a murder mission to a member of the nobility or the official forces of the empire.

Oh he is so innocent and naive.

As the series progresses we see how the forces of the empire are reduced, but we also see how the members of the Night Raid are gradually dying.

Who wants to feel that sword?

Something curious about the series is that for certain characters they change their way of being and they are not what they seem, because behind their innocent figure or personality, a murderous or disturbing mentality hides.

She looks so cute. I was mistaken.

The prime minister and the young king decide to hire the services of Ice Lady Esdeath, who brings together a counterattack group for the Night Raid known as The Jaegers. So he summons Bols, a shy member of the incineration squad, Dr. Stylish, a scientist who experiments with people, Kurome, sister of Akame, Seryuu, a girl who has a distorted sense of justice, Wave, a member of the forces Marines of the Empire and Run, the adviser of Esdeath.

The Jaegers squad

Esdeath gets to know Tatsumi and develops dominant feelings towards him.

One of many Esdeath moments.

Akame ga Kill is not the best series we could find in the genre. Basically the whole story and premise deals only with murders. It does not develop much to the characters (heroes or villains) or history or reasons to overthrow the prime minister. The main character we could say is between Akame and Tatsumi but sometimes the story does not focus much on them. Anyway give this show a pick in your watch list.

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