My Roommate is a cat

Subaru Mikazuki is a boy who has lost his parents in a travel accident. Since then he has withdrawn from society devoting himself to writing books of detective novels from the comfort of his home.

Woah, you scared me!

Interacting in the least with his editor, one day he decides to visit the grave of his parents and out of nowhere a cat appears jumping over him in search of food.

I know nothing about cat's life.

Subaru decides to take him home because in a way he sympathizes with the harsh life of the stray cat. This will forever change your lifestyle, because now he has to learn to feed the cat and all of her habits.

Sometimes I think she tries to kill me.

Subaru, who is not used to cats, immediately thinks of the "alternate" life of his new partner whom he decides to call Haru, as the only name the cat seems to react to, and due to Subaru's imagination he begins to write a novel where the cat takes a leading role.

Why do you have that sparkle in your eyes?

This brings the attention of new readers and his editor, Atsushi Kawase, is very pleased, who immediatly falls in love with the cat.  Subaru's childhood best friend, Hiroto Yasaka, also feels sympathy for the cat.

We are gathered to talk about your new cat.

The circle of friends of Subaru expands as it gets to know also the one in charge of the animal veterinary shop, Nana Oukami (and her brother) and little by little Subaru goes out of its retraction to the society thanks to the events that bring his roommate

I totally loved the voice actor in her.

Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue, or rather My roommate is a cat, presents an original idea. It does not leave you hooked to the first but my main interest was to see if a relationship between Nana and Subaru could be achieved.

Perhaps what I liked most about the anime is the fact that in each episode they present the point of view from the perspective of Subaru and then they present the same events but from the point of view of Haru, that is to say of the cat, which seemed to me very funny.

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