Mai HiME

Mai and her brother in the ferry

Tokiha Mai is a student girl of preparatory who along with her smaller brother Takumi, obtained a scholarship to study in the prestigious Fuuka Academy. While they enjoyed the trip in ferry towards their new school, they sighted a young girl, Mikoto Minagi, that was floating in the sea holding a great black sword.

Mikoto rescue

During the rescue, Mai offered herself as voluntary to apply CPR and she notices a small identical mark in the body of the unconscious girl. Later and due to the rescue, Mai and its brother meet Yuuichi Tate and Shiho Munakata, also two very particular students who attend the same Academy.

Mai protecting Mikoto

In the night, Mai is attacked by Natsuki Kuga, a young girl of 17 years old who wishes to avoid a meeting of HiMEs in the Fuuka Academy. The HiME are women who have the ability to materialize objects, including arms, (HiME means - Highly advanced Materializing Equipment) and the hability to invoke a protective being called “Child” and to fight against mysterious creatures from another dimension called “Orphans”.

Who is this girl?

Mai soon discovers that she is also a HiME and the secret that locks up the Fuuka Academy and its mysterious principal. But there is something more for the HiMEs in the Fuuka Academy. Something mysterious not only related to the Sears foundation, but also with the red star nearby in the moon and the most beloved person for each one of the HiMEs.

Ok, i blew it.

Mai HiME is a excelent anime serie with a good mix of romance, comedy, drama and love triangles between almost all the characters. The design of the characters is good and all acquire importance in the series.

I like my work as principal

Something amused that I like was the funny relationship between Mai and Mikoto, since Mikoto was attracted to Mai not only by her cuisine, but by her well formed chest.

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