Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

There is a battle going on between the Ades Federation and the Turan Kingdom and everything falls apart when the war is held in the middle of the sacred lake.

The princesses of the Turan Kingdom desire the peace and makes a last effort to avoid the inevitable war but both of them fall in a trap and Liliana (the older princess) is captured, leaving Milia (the younger) with the responsabilities of bring peace to their captured (and almost anihilated) kingdom.

This time vanships are a little different as we know it. They are smaller, run on fuel with Claudia units and are called Vespa (like a motor bike version) and in the skies there are sky pirates looking and stealing air ships to dismantle and sell in parts.

Sky pirates Fam, and Giselle encounters the flag ship of Turan kingdom being under attack and decide to help the crew and princess Milia to restore her kingdom.

Princess Milia is very young and has no experience in ruling a kingdom.

Along side the series we encounter recurring characters from the first Last Exile anime show, like for example Tatiana Winslaw, Dio, Vincent and Alvis but they are not quite the same characters we seen before nor have the same motivations as in the prequel.

The Federation is ruled by the daughter of Queen Augusta. A childish naive girl who desires to bring peace by unifying the nations. Something the Queen was working on until she was shot. Nothing wrong with that so its a very thin line to pick up who is wrong or who is right in this war.

Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam its hardly the sequel of the well aclaimed Last Exile show. Apparently the events occur after 4 years of the events in Last Exile but in a diferent planet. They never had heard of the Grand Stream, the Guild or the famous vanship race of Anatoray-Disith-Norkia. Also in LE: GnF the last exiles are moons treated as weapons (so there is more than one).

LE: GnF is a brand new story involving a war between nations. Overall a simplistic show. There are some glimpses of good CGI from the prequel but there is no character development or connection in between.

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