Evangelion - NERV Bag

Well, i did it!! i bought the evangelion nerv bag at japanimation.com and its awesome. The bag its very cool. It has eleven pockets and two sided mesh pockets. Its black with the nerv logo centered in the flap of the bag.

Nerv Bag look inside

I received my nerv bag via Priority Mail by USPS in two weeks. You can see the package and the invoice attached.

Also I bought two Card Captor Sakura Keychains (Syaoran Li and Sakura in blades) and a wallet with the nerv logo embroidered very cool with a lot of tiny pockets.

Here are the pictures (right click to download).

img04 Nerv Bag
img05 Inside Nerv Bag
img07 Keychains
img08 Keychains
img09 Syaoran Li Keychain
img10 Nerv wallet
img11 Inside wallet
img12 All items
img13 All items

You can Buy all your anime items at japanimation.com

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