Earth is waging a war against an alien intelligence called SAINT. Mahoro is the best fighting android of Vesper, the secret Earth organization opposing SAINT. Having expended most of her life energy fighting for Vesper she is rewarded with the right to spend the remaining time she has in any way she chooses.

This way, Mahoro chooses to become a maid working for Misato Suguru, a jr-high-schooler and son of Capt. Misato of Vesper, (Who has died with his mother because the war).

Suguru leads a fairly ordinary life going to a fairly ordinary school with fairly ordinary friends and one incredibly out-of-the ordinary schoolteacher, the sleazy and provocative Shikijou-sensei.

And now Suguru's life will become more agitated and vivid with the comic situations of Mahoro and the ecchi humor resulting.

Mahoromatic is very cool and funny. In two seasons it has a lot of fan service which i really like because is very quick and clean. Also the relationship and sense of service of Mahoro is unique and special.

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