Prison School

Prison School (Kangoku Gakuen) deals the adventures and everyday life of a group of male students in a only all girls Japanese school. During the start of a new school year, five male students were accepted in this school (with a 200 girls to 1 boy ratio).

The students are Kiyoshi (and maybe the main character), Takehito (Gakuto, the most smart and strategic student you will see), Jouji (always wearing a hood, is an ants lover), Reiji (Big and fat) and finally Shingo (has blond hair but can't get any girl). 

But due to the new school policy of accepting boys, an underground student council is formed and the girls will do everything to expel the boys from school.

The thing is the boys are in high school and are too shy to even talk to girls (besides girls look at them as weirdos). They enrolled the school with the hope of finding a girlfriend since they are a few then won't be too much competition.

And like every man they have needs to fulfill so one night they decided to peek the girls dressing room.

This triggers a penalty and they got captured by the underground council. The boys were put in a little cell right in the center of the school yard and are forced to do some labors under the supervision of the council staff.

But during the stay in prison they have to attend to clases. Well, they receive and attend the courses "online" from the cell but they can go to computer lab with the girls in a private and reserved area for them.

The president of the Council is Mari Kurihara, the daughter of the principal. She has the ability of controlling the crows (and there are a lot of crows in the school in her presence), Hana, who uses short pants under her skirt and as the series progresses she goes very wild and obsessed.

Finally, Meiko Shiraki, the vice president, she is very voluptuous (for her age) and likes to do bump and booby exercises like frog push ups.

The show is very prolific and funny. There are a lot of pantsu and breast scenes (but be aware, censored) that does the trick of catch you in the serie. I particularly liked all the events and planning the boys had to do to go out from prison and to defeat the underground council.

There is a lot of sadism from the girls to the boys who accepts and desires to be "punished" by the council (you see a lot of blood from the boys who recover very fast).

I recommend the show (and if you have the manga). It is well orchestrated and hilarious.

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