Steins;Gate is about Okabe Rintarou, a “mad scientist”  that goes by the alias "Hououin Kyouma" who spends his time hanging out in his laboratory with his friends Mayuri and Daru. Ocassionally, they manage to invent futuristic gadgets, though these are never worth mentioning.

He is not holding a gun, it is a remote

Everything seems placid and normal until the day that Okabe and Mayuri decide to attend a lecture given by the eminent Professor Nakabachi on the subject of time machines and time travel. Being there they meet Kurisu Makise (always mistakenly named as Cristina by Rintarou).

Kurisu during her introductory speech

Rintarou explains their most recent and interesting invention, the Phone Microwave. At first it seems as though this device does nothing more than turn bananas into a green, jelly-like substance.

the lab is exactly above a TV repair shop

But as the series progresses, turns out to be able to send text messages through time. The text messages sent to the past have a huge impact on the present.

In order to continue the research and do more testings the goup needs a very old computer, the IBN 5100. This computer was invented for real prior the computer language Basic. We also learn about a computer legend from back the 2000 year forums: John Titor, an apparently time travel.

Please dont call me a hacker.

One important thing in the show, is that after sending some D-Mails (text messages to the past), only Rintarou has memory of the actual process of sending them.

She really looks great on lab coat.

From this point a series of D-Mails are sent in order to prevent certain things from happening but altering others putting in us more questions than answers.

When Okabe, in a horrifying way, finds out about an evil organization called SERN, and their ways, he is forced to use time travelling methods to prevent from getting captured – and stop their plans. 

Send me a D-Mail.

I really enjoyed watching Steins;Gate. Things are not 100% true but they have logic.  Everything is well constructed, and when I start to understand what's going on, you just want to know more things about it. 

One of the great things about Steins;Gate is that the characters are developed and introduced incredibly well.  There is a funny part in the anime, which is really really good because it give to the show a bit of humour.

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