One Punch Man

One Punch Man is about the daily life of Saitama, a man who does the super hero thing as a hobby in his free time. Tired of being unemployed and having and ordinary life he trained for 3 years until he went bald and he is so strong that he can defeat his adversaries with only one punch.

In certain way this is exactle the same reason Saitama feels some frustration. He tries to extend his battles but with no success.

Meanwhile Saitama spent his rutinary days in his apartment in City Z (all the cities have a letter as a name). He likes to do the shopping in the super market and take the offers in them.

One day Saitama meets Genos, a robotic cyborg (part human, part robot, but more robot than human). Genos is in his personal quest. He is searching for a robot who destroyed his natal city.

Genos realizes how powerful Saitama is and ask him to train him and become his teacher (sensei).

Saitama does not have any intention of having a discipule but he shares with Genos how he got so powerful (a training that required running 5 miles every day, 100 push ups and 100 abs), but Genos is not satisfied because that´s an ordinary workout.

As time pases Genos is gaining discipline and learns that not everything has to do with power.

On the other hand, Saitama learns that despite having fought with so many villains he is still unknown to people. So he enrolled in a hero association in order to be known by the citizens.

The serie has 13 episodes and we see how a lot of monsters (called Kaijin) and super heroes fight against each other in the other cities. Saitama starts in the Class C hero category but quickly he is gaining higher spots. (Genos starts in the Class S category, reserved for Super Hero but only because Saitama did something wrong in the admission test to become a super hero).

Definitely this show has to have a second season because the creators left some supporting characters without an ending in their story, like for example with Genos,Tatsumaki, the girl with green hair and the evil ninja called Sonic (I mistakenly thought he was a girl).

Something I really liked about the show was the level attack the association had for every situation. So we have God level, Godzilla level, Ogre level and so on and depending of the level attack the hero association requieres a super hero category.

I can't tell you the ending but I can assure you that practically all City A is destroyed, so go and dont miss this anime show.


here said...

maybe the wrong post to ask, but are you going to make more reviews? like for attack on titan, blue exorcits etcs?

Phossil said...

I try to do reviews as often as my job, life and hobbies let me but don't worry I will do more reviews. ^_^