Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card

A new installment of the saga of Sakura Card Captors, after a long wait.

The events take place 2 years after the events of the first 2 seasons. Now Sakura is in the 1st year of middle school (previously she was in 4th and 5th grade of the Tomoeda elementary school)

Sakura Kinomoto has a new mission.

By a strange event, all Sakura cards have become transparent and almost useless because they have no magic and Sakura has begun to have dreams where a person appears in a strange cloak.

All friends reappear with new uniform outfits.

In this situation, Sakura now has a new wand and begins to appear new semi-transparent cards with new powers that Sakura must seal.

Sakura has to do a new magic spell.

All this always with the help of Kero, Yue, Tomoyo and Syaoran who is back after his departure to Hong Kong. Sakura tries to contact Eriol who is in England by telephone but without success.

There is more detail in the drawning this time.

There is also a new exchange student in school: Akiho Shinomoto. The most surprising thing about her is her great resemblance (in personality and a little in appearance) with Sakura. She comes from Hong Kong too and has been to many countries including England. She lives in the house that Eriol left and she is accompanied by Yuna Kaito who is her caregiver.

Yukito and Touya in college now.

The relationship between Sakura and Syaoran is now much stronger. They do not blush so much anymore and now they are a little bit more mature but in a way they keep separated a little more (Syaoran is not in the same class as Sakura).

It's good to see Sakura again in Tomoyo's dresses.

I like the series a lot (although it is still in transmission) but there are certain things that I can not stop thinking about. The CLAMP team has endeavored to appraise the new animation techniques while maintaining the drawing style of the original CCS series. The color palette is much paler in my opinion, perhaps missing a little more contrast. The voices (at least in Japanese) are the same as the original cast (Sakura Tange again makes Sakura's voice).

Now, let's go with the story (alert spoilers ahead).

All the characters of the first delivery reappear except Rika since she studies in another school (possibly due to the events that occurred with Professor Terada).

Eriol, Shaoran and Touya apparently know (between the three) what is happening and what is going to happen but it is still too early to tell Sakura (which bothers me because it is like when Sakura was converting Clow cards to Sakura cards)

The new cards are half transparent.

Some fans say that Akiho is the reincarnation of Nadeshiko (the mother of Sakura) which I do not think is quite accurate although we remember that Fuyitaka is the reincarnation of the Clow magician (one half since Eriol is the other half). What I do think is that Sakura will have to fight against Akiho later not only with magic for the Sakura cards but also for the love of Syaoran since although nothing has been mentioned yet in my opinion, Syaoran is not the same when Akiho is present.

Kero and Yue are not very helpful now as the Sakura cards have lost their power, although it is good to see Sakura again with extravagant dresses and outfits made by Tomoyo but sadly Tomoyo does not have as many opportunities to record Sakura with her camera as the previous seasons.

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