Kemono Friends

Japari Park became a magical place after one night a shooting star dropped its dust on all the creatures of the park.

Wow, this place is incredible

The next day in the middle of the savanna area, the energetic Serval finds a new creature that catches her attention. Without intending to hurt her prey, Serval takes advantage of her to try to know more about her.

Are you a girl or a boy?

The prey in question is a girl who has lost her memory and doesn't remember how she got there. Serval names her Kaban (bag in japanese) because of the backpack she is carries. Serval wants to know what species or animal is Kaban so she suggests that they go to the Library of the park to discover it.

More friends to meet

Together Serval and Kaban go through the different regions of the park and get to know other park animals or "friends" who have adopted the human form after the passing of the star.

These two are chasing Kaban and Serval.

Since the Japari park is extensive it is best to travel by bus, so Serval and Kaban manage to repair the park's expedition bus thanks to the help of other park friends and "boss" a robotic assistant who will give them information about the attractions of the park and guide them to get to the library faster.

Doesn't look like but she is a hippo.

The different regions of the Japari park and the ones that Serval and Kaban cross before reaching the library are: the savannah, the rain forest, the desert and the plains.

Kaban you are very smart.

But not everything is fun in the park because the dangers lie in wait and you must be careful to the ceruleans, creatures that also evolved and are now hanging around the place.

We have time to share a tea.

Kemono Friends is an anime that I liked a lot because of the educational aspect. The plot itself is simple, tour the park, visit the attractions, help friends to help you. In the middle of each episode there are interviews to people or caregivers from different places of the world talking about the animals of the episode.

The weak part in the anime would be the animation by CGI. The animation is not fluid, there is not much detail in the strokes and sometimes the movements of the characters are strange. In spite of that this is a show that was done with low budget and in record time.

If you decide to see this anime we anticipate the following: for some strange reason all the friends of the park are women (some with big thighs haha). Apart from Kaban there are no humans in the park (and that's because they merged with the animals - it is not stated in the show but it's my theory).

PPP presentation was the best!

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