The main character in this series of 2001 is a couple of girls who are dedicated to being assassins under pay. First Mireille Bouquet, blonde and with a painful past in her childhood. Then we have Kirika Yuumura, who suffers from amnesia and has no memory of who she was or where she comes from.

Let's begin a journey

Kirika assumes her current identity because she finds her identification of the school and gets in touch with Mireille because she knows that she is the person under the name of Noir.

Viva France

Kirika does not show any emotion and does not feel anything at the moment of making a shot. Together with Mireille they try to reveal the secrets of their past (a silver pocket watch with the figure of two guardian maidens).
Is this a Mcdonalds or a Burger King?

When Mireille and Kirika met, they were in Japan, but then moved to Paris, France. Although depending on where they should do some work, the location changes.

I am bored.

After performing certain jobs, it turns out that they become targets of other hit men and as the series progresses, the "original" assassin of Noir (Chloe) and the leader of a sect / secret world organization known as "Les Soldats" called Altena.

The series to be a classic is pretty good. The design of the funds is not very good but that could be expected by then. The two female characters are well designed (and I actually have a crush on Kirika). The history .... mmm ... could have been better in my opinion but it is definitely a classic that should not be missed.

We are here suckers!

Fun Fact: Of all the shots and deaths, you never see a drop of blood.

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