Flonne, an angel in training, is in search of the Demon ruler of the Overworld but instead finds the coffin of Laharl (the son of the demon lord) and wakes him up.

El trio principal de la serie que recorre medio Overworld

Now, Laharl was asleep for 2 years, and upon awakening he learns that his father, the demon lord of the Overworld has died, so now he is the successor and the new demon lord but there are other demons who wants to take over the throne too.

No mencionen la palabra amor.

Flonne decides to convert and teach Laharl about the concepts of love, compassion and sacrifice but that will be a complicated task for Laharl who does not know (or want to know) anything about it.

A mi en lo personal me gusta Etna

The story is joined by Etna, a demon who knows Laharl very well and was the vassal of King Krichevskoy who was in a fight with the demon lord to be the Overworld ruler and tricked Etna robbing her memories.

Bueno Prinnies, hagan lo suyo

Etna brings with her a group of demon penguins that she calls Prinnies that do whatever task they are assigned (from cooking to attacking if necessary)

El equipo Rocket de este anime

In this world we also have a Rocket team, which are actually a couple of humans and a robot that have taken on the mission to free the world from the demons in the Overworld (nobody asked to do that but anyway).

Yo quiero ser la regente del Overworld

Disgaea is a 2006 anime that is based on an RPG game for PS2. All the characters and demons that appear in the game appear in the anime as filler characters. The plot of the anime is not very elaborate but try to be entertaining and comic (they have a couple of good times) with an unexpected ending?

From all the characters I can only say that I loved Etna (maybe because of his design and personality).

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