Uma Musume - Pretty Derby

Special Week is a horse girl who has the dream of being the best running horse girl in all Japan and for this her adoptive mother has enrolled her in the Tracen Academy, one of the best academies in all of Tokyo.

Special Week is my favorite horse girl

Upon his arrival at the academy, SP (diminutive of Special Week) falls in love with the whole environment and the hippodrome but especially with a runner who has drawn attention for his way of running: Silence Suzuka

The race is about to start

But this anime is much more than just races on the track, but also mixes the music and Idol costumes for which the horse girls also train at the academy.

The winners have to do an Idol presentation

The student environment and classes are divided according to the experience and the number of victories of each student. SP for being new they place it in the Spica team, led by a trainer (and possibly perverted) man trainer (his name is never actually spoken).

A horse academy only for horse girls

But that does not separate SP's idea of studying hard, making an effort and making new friends.

There is even a swimming pool

Uma Musume involves the themes of student life mixed with comedy. From the first episodes they do a good job making the presentations of all the girls who in fact have the name of renumbered race winners in Japan.

We don't really have a strategy at all.

The anime is not very focused on fan service but you will be delighted with the beauty and situations that are presented to the girls (with a little Yuri). I like the design of the characters, especially the style of the eyes (something different from what we are used to, I would say).

Also curious is that girls wear normal shoes but with horseshoes and like to eat carrots in their diet.
My favorite horse girl? Well I guess SP and the relationship she has with Suzuka but as the series progresses, many more favorites will appear for sure.

SP first run and victory

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