Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel

Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel I pressage flower is the third installment of the Fate/stay franchise (Sakura's route).  In this new arc, we see things from the perspective of Sakura Matou.

Sakura is very cute.

I think we all know the story so far from previous routes (the original Fate/stay and Unlimited Bladeworks), so are presented very fast the classic events.

My favorite scene of all

Because this route is focused in Sakura we rarely see Rin Tohsaka but since she is an integral part of the folding events she does some appearances.

Rin is always showing off her power and magic knowledge.

In this movie we can watch how Sakura meets Shirou and how she begins to develop feelings toward him.  She understands somehow (or vaguely) the events of the Holy Grail War because of her brother Shinji but she is unaware of the servants and magic contracts.

He looks like Lord Voldemort.

Also we are introduced to Zouken Matou, the grandfather of Shinji and Sakura. He is also one of the Three Great Families of the Holy Grail Wars (being the other one the Tohsaka family). He considers his grandson not being worthy to be the master of Rider.

True Assassin is very cruel with his enemies.

Zouken decides to get involve in the Holy Grail war this time and summons True Assassin (assasin's class). We saw it before in the Fate Zero events (10 years ago).

Oh Saber, I will protect you.

Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel completes the circle in the Fate universe. We don't see much of the battles from previous installments (Lancer vs Archer, Archer vs Saber or Saber vs Assassin) but we see the events that were missing within the plot.

Sakura is not ill but weakened

And of course, Sakura is the heroine this time. She inadvertently is the new master of Rider (after Shinji's failure) and sends Ryder to save Shirou right after we loses his contract with Saber.

The animation of the movie is superb. Ufotable did an amazing job with computer animation and graphics. The voice casting remains unaltered in all the series. 

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