Robot Girls Z

Robot Girls Z is about a group of girls called Team Z because their design is based on the retro mega robots of Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Grendizer.

The girls of Team Z

Zeta-chan is the leader of the team (she is quite energetic), Grenda-san is the most mature, calm and serene and Gre-chan we could say she is the most serious and introverted but together there is no villain robot that can defeat them.

Photon Power is good, you know?

Without much history we jump directly into action. The only thing we know is that the girls are students and they attend school but with zero introductions the rival team appears led by Baron Ashura (a girl who likes to dress and make up like half man and half woman).

She is cute and adorable.

Two robot girls appears to help the Baron: Garada K7 and Doublas M2 and throughout the episodes we see how they always try to defeat the Z team and steal the photonic energy of the Z team without much success.

The other team looks pretty good.

But the Z team is not the only team of robot girls that exists in the Photon City, since there are also other robot girls, such as Team Y.

Shut up and take this!!

Even there is a contest in the city to decide which is the best team of robot girls.

Do you want some more?

There is really only one way to describe Robot Girls Z... It is SO bad that it is actually GOOD.

Robot Girls Z is an anime of pure fun with a little touch of ecchi. The story is simple, good versus evil, trying to show as many robot girls designs as possible to try to remember and parody the old Mazinger Z series.

I liked the design of the characters and the intro song is sticky. It starts with episodes of 24 mins but then it is reduced to mini episodes of 10. It is a short anime. Too bad it does not contain a plot and longer episodes but definitely worth seeing.

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