Kemono Friends 2

The adventures to the japari park return and also the cerulean with them. Very similar like the first season, there is a person who is disoriented and with amnesia who tries to find her home (yes, she is a female but doesn't look like she is). This person is called Kyururu because of the noise her stomach made when asked about his name (she was hungry).

New season, new friends.

But this time they are accompanied by a cat-like friend (like Serval) named Caracal and in order to Kyururu to find her home and recover her memory she will use her sketch book with the drawings she made when she visited the park.

I think that sketch book doesn't have any pages.

Now they go around the park exploring new areas we did not saw in the first season but this time they use a monorail instead of a bus (because it is quicker).

Is that what you call a tablet?

Aren't they cute?

Kemono Friends 2 is an anime of the educational type with changes in the staff and in the style of animation (much cleaner but more digital than the first season). Not all episodes have the section where they contact the zoos but this time they received the support of National Geographic.

I think the story is a little recycled to the first installment but remember that the target audience of this anime are very young kids.
Whether it's the new friends, the penguin girls, the story or the animation, Kemono Friends is a series that I think you'll like.

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