Fate/stay night Movie: Unlimited Blade Works

Fate/Stay Night is one of those franchises that needs very little introduction. This is the movie of the Unlimited Blade Works saga, where Rin Toosaka plays a major female role.

Shirou Emiya is a student who lives an ordinary school life but later got involved into the Holy Grail war. A battle where young magicians (masters) and servants battle between each other and the last servant standing will seen his/her desire fullfilled.

Rin Toosaka is another student of the same school. She has been trained to become the winner of the war. Much in opposite as Shirou. She develops a special attraction towards Shirou and decide to join forces with him (at first) so she can teach him the Holy Grail basics of war.

Shirou doesn't have magic at all by his own. So at first he fights with his own fists. Later he can invocate and make appear a couple of daggers to fight agains servants.

Every master has a special and powerful servant at its will. Shirou has Saber and Rin has Archer. Masters are not supposed to engage into battle by their own. Only servants fight agains each other but Shirou can't accept that.

In a twist of events Archer goes free and Rin becomes Saber's master.

The movie does not deviates nor appends anything new to the serie. In fact it is a review of the 12 episodes in the season. So if you haven't seen the show stick with the movie.

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