Love Live! The School Idol Movie

This is μ's final adventure after deciding they won't be in another idol contest after school. The movie opens with a sequence of Honoka as a child jumping over a splash of water. Her first attempt endend badly but she decided to go for a second chance and try it again.

Back in present day, the girls decide to go in a trip to the US before the last days in school and graduation. Is the first time they travel outside Japan. At the same time the gang will do a last dance with the intention to promote the Love Live contest (where the girls could not participate unless they fail the semester and repeat the classes).

But Honoka forgets the name of the Hotel and she got lost after taking another subway. Fortunately she meets a street singer performer who walks with her until finding the Hotel.

Now that Honoka is back, the group has little time to go to Times Square and do the performance.

After the trip, the girls are back in Japan and surprisingly they are very famous now, because their performance was broadcasted internationally.

With this new second air, the girls put into discussion again if they want to retire from Love Live or they want to do it one more time. The group is kind of divided in thoughts but later they all make their minds and decide to retire for good.

But they can't retire without a last, last, last performance, but this time they gather and reunite all school idols from other schools to do a mega Love Live all toghether dance performance in the street.

The movie is perfectly the sequel events after the second season of the anime. The movie itself has a lot of simbolisms (you can tell by the way it even starts). As usual I liked the CGI used during the festival dances and in general the hole drawings, designs and art are superb. If you enjoyed the first 2 seasons of the show, then you are sure to enjoy this movie as well.

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