Expelled from Paradise

Expelled from Paradise is a Sci-Fi futuristic movie where Angela Balzac, is a member of the security force of a virtual world called "DEVA".

In this world most of humanity has abandoned their physical bodies and are relocated in digital form. Things like sickness, tireness hunger are no longer present.

Recently some intrussions to the system has been detected by a hacker called Frontier Setter making some infiltration to the system and spreading subversive messages to the populace.

Angela is designated to find and locate the hacker suspected of making his transmissions from the devastated Earth. She will be using a physical body with the complex of a 16 years old girl.

In Earth, Angela will have a contact for support in the operation called Dingo. He knows a lot about the life in earth and makes his living in this land.

The people in earth are like survivors and the cities lack the presence of high technology or tall modern buildings.

Angela and Dingo locate the suspicious hacker who turns to be an old model robot who first set of instructions where exploring the space. His intentions in penetrating DEVA network was to get crew members for his space trip aboard a spaceship build in secret of DEVA by humans in Earth.

The elders (or entities) in charge of DEVA seems Frontier Setter as a menace and instructs Angela to destroy him. She refuses to follow orders and as a punishment she is expelled from the digital world.

But its OK because Frontier Setter helps Angela in getting back to Earth and her physical form and she helps (with Dingo) Frontier Setter to depart earth in the spaceship. 

Other members of the security enforcement unit were sent to Earth by DEVA and try to stop and destroy Frontier Setter departure.

Omake Shot:

I liked the EFP movie. The CGI used was very good (but I still cant believe that a 16 years old like Angela has boobs so big). The premise of the story is easy and understandable. I think an anime series will come later after the movie 8or at least thats the plan). The white ball robots with an X in front in EFP reminds me somehow to some Play station mascot.

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