Brave Witches

Hikari Karibuchi

Following the story left in Strike Witches, this time the story is around the 502 Fight Unit against the Neuroi but now we are following Karibuchi Hikari, our heroin; a happy girl, energetic and very athletic who aspires to become in a Witch just like her older sister.

The Neuroi war is getting bigger.

Hikari comes from a military family. Her father is working in the comm post very nearby home and her sister is very famous in over seas.

Hikari has the dream of saving people and is very determined to fight for it but she is a little reckless and has to live a little behind her sister's shadow, but she tries her best.

Another interesting character in the anime is lieutenant Kanno Naoe ("Nao") from Fuso country. She has a more aggresive personality.

Nao has her reasons.

The fight agains the Neuroi is getting worst and this alien race is now in the regions of Orussia, Gallia and Karsland. (Do you find some similarity with actual places in the world?

But first, any volunteer of the 502 squadron has to apply and pass a test to show their skills in combat. Something that Hikari is not very good at.

We look good, right?

As always the fanservice is present in the show. Just the idea of having girls fighting in panties and bathing suits thrills me.

I want to be just like my big sis.

Ok, going more into technical details: The animation is good, as well the sound. Character development could be better. I would liked to see more in between the extra characters. This is something missing compared with Strike Witches.

Waltrud Kaprinski is my favorite witch.

Brave Witches is a very good and interesting extension in the Strike Witches world. Maybe not perfect with some lack of intensity but if you are a really fan of the series you are going to like it..

On a Holy night.

I kept muttering that they should get Takami a blanket or something

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