Frame Arms Girl

Ao Gennai is a very nice and cute girl.

Ao Gennai is a high school student girl with a normal life until one day a delivery box arrives (with some similarities of what amazon is trying to accomplish in the future) at her front door. She unpacks the box and inside there is a movable figure who looks exactly like a mini robot girl.  This joint-less girl is Gourai, a test model figure of the Frame Arms Girl project (FAG from now on).

When fully armed, Gourai looks like an army tank.

Inside every FAG there is more than just artificial intelligence. There is something called artificial personality, so every frame arms girl has the knowledge of a 10 years old child and they are always learning.

Are you sure I just have to follow the manual?

Ao is completely in the dark when it comes to Frame Arms Girls and plastic models. She is not very talented for assembly the FAG parts even with instructions.

My favorite in the show is Stylet. Her pantsu is the proof.

Ao soon realizes that Gourai can learn about feelings and emotions if she let Gourai to battle against other frame arms girls. As time passes by, more boxes arrive at Ao's apartment so the girlie group increases.

I don't get all of the money but go with it.

At first Ao is worried about how to sustain living expenses with all her new friends but she can win some money (but we never see any transaction) if she let Gourai and the other girls to fight each other to gather more info for the Frame Arms project.

Baselard has a nice eye color.

So later we see Stylet (Ao renames her as Styko), and Baselard (Base for short), two FAG with the ability to fly, teasing and living with Ao and Gourai. (sometimes they get into trouble).

Things I like of the anime:
The voices of all the girls is superb. The animation is a mix between digital and 3D (some people consider this as bad). The Frame Arm Girls are in Shimapan (stripped panties) all the time but there are no camera movements focusing precisely that area so sorry folks, no fan service in this show and finally all the girls do a "special moan" everytime they get plugged in to recharge (try to guess where is the outlet socket for recharging).

Things I dont like of the anime:
This is an everyday episode anime, so everything is the ordinary life and some episodes could be reduced to only 5 mins max to tell the entire story. Also Kotobukiya is the main sponsor of the show, but only because there is already figures of the show for sale, so all the anime is made basically for marketing pourposes.

The anime has some similarities to Strike Witches, Kancolle and Sky Girls in some way but is a regular well made show so if you like it stick with it to the end.

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