Eromanga sensei

For better or worse, Eromanga-sensei is the successor to OreImo, and also is (in my opinion) the most commented show of the summer.

I am Masamune Izumi.

The story goes around Masamune Izumi, a light novel writer with low success who has the dream of writting the perfect novel for an anime. All his works are sumitted and evaluated by ASCII Media and Masamune works with a particular illustrator who he had never met.

Baka,Onii-chan. Baaakaaa!

Meanwhile Masamune has to attend school and take care of his little stepsister Sagiri Izumi who after the depart of their parents (they are not blood related) has decided to stay in her room and never go out. Masamune prepares very gently the food for her and leaves it in front of her room door.

So, this is your bedroom.

One day, Masamune realizes that his illustratos is doing a livestream and he finds out that he is looking to Sagiri's room. He later discovers Sagiri has been doing his illustrations because she is very good at drawning (specially erotic girls when she is motivated).

I don't know anyone with that name.

Sagiri has some feelings toward Masamune (she even dreams in marry to him) and Masamune has also feelings toward Sagiri so he decides to express his love and care to his sister by writing a light novel and expects Sagiri will do the illustrations.

Do you like what you see?

But there is more in the story because more girls appears in Masamune's Life and all of them start to have feelings toward Masamune.

I like penis.

The first girl is Megumi, a student friend of the same Sagiri's class. Megumi wishes Sagiri leaves her room and attend school again. Elf Yamada, Masamune's rival as a writer who has sold 2 millions of copies  from different works and Muramasa (is you see she has a resemble to Kuroneko from Oreimo) another writer and also Masamune's rival. She wishes that Masamune works as a writer for her because she admires him.

I am your new neighbor.

This anime show had a lot of hype, and one of the reasons I decided to watch it was because of all the moe images about Sagiri. The story has a lot of potencial and starts very well, but after a couple of episodes you see how the story goes from brother and sister love (kind of incest) to another harem anime.

There are times that even the character of Sagiri gets lost in some episodes because of the events of the other girl characters and their interactions with Masamune. (even the anime title is Eromanga Sensei, we don't see the story too much focused around Sagiri).

The fan service is only available in the first episodes. Later it's just about comic situations but nothing we haven't seen before.

Something I really liked was the characters design (specially the eyes) because it was like very similar to the characters in Oreimo.

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