Tonari no Seki-kun

We all have a classmate who gets bored and easily distracted doing other things. This is the case of Seki-kun a student who likes to play or put things out on his desk.

OMG, What is HE doing now?

But who suffers most from the games of Seki-kun, is his companion and neighbor next to him, Rumi Yokoi . A silvery-haired girl who becomes even more distracted by Seki's occurrences.

Stop what you are doing now!!

Rumi always tries to pay attention and take notes in class but when she sees the things that Seki-kun pulls out of his backpack and the nonsensical things he gets to do with them a series of internal thoughts flood Rumi so she loses her attention in class.

You deserve it for not paying attention in class.

We see how Seki gets to play with pieces of Domino, Go, Shogi, polish his desk and perhaps the thing Rumi likes more, three small robot dolls that pretend to be a family.

Seki-kun is always like this.

This anime demonstrates that for comic situations it is not necessary for great dialogues or a whole background story. We never see Seki engage in conversation or say a word. It is enough only with the expressions and imagination of Rumi to have real fun.

Usually near the end of the episode (it's a short series and the episodes do not last more than 10 mins) we see Rumi getting into trouble with the teacher for her lack of attention in class, but everything is Seki's fault.

Look, I have proofs!!

An anime that I liked a lot for its simplicity and comedy (I loved the japanese voice of Rumi). I recommend this show if you want to vary a little bit from traditional animes of today.

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