The maid dragon of Kobayashi-san

Kobayashi is a woman who works as a programmer for a software company.

A good day after work, Kobayashi takes a few more sake bottles, get drunk and takes the way back to her apartment into a forest and meets a huge dragon. As Kobayashi likes to drink, she inadvertently makes an invitation to the dragon to stay in her apartment.

Whaaa? You are a girl dragon???

The next day, Kobayashi, not remembering what happened the day before because she was very wasted, prepares to go to work. To her surprise right in front her door is Tohru the dragon from the day before and transforms into a girl in maid dress to work as a maid in Kobayashi's apartment.

I am a dragon after all.

Kobayashi has never needed a servant but decides to give Tohru a chance and from there her whole life changes because Tohru is a dragon (with special magic powers) in the world of humans.

Kanna decides to stay with Kobayashi too.

Then some other Tohru dragon friends appears who also want to try to live with humans. This is the case of Kanna, a white dragon much younger than Tohru, Fafnir, a dragon whose desire is to exterminate humans who pretend to steal his treasure ...

Her breasts are way beyond big.

... and Quetzalcoatl (Luoca for short), a dragon goddess with large breasts that pretends to appear invoked by a child from a family of magicians who like to bother with their breasts.

Kobayashi giving technical support

This way Kobayashi's life is transformed because now she must look for a bigger apartment to live with her new friends, she thinks more about her parents and attends school festivals because she practically becomes the mother tutor of Kanna.

Ohh look, Dragonfire fireworks.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is an anime of 13 episodes that I liked by its hillarious moments. I feel that they were a bit short with the development of the secondary characters (I would have liked to see more situations with them).

I liked the design of Tohru's character, especially her red eyes and Kobayashi's co-worker (Makoto), who is actually an otaku when he drinks or when he is alone in his house.

I must admit that there were also characters that I fell in the end in annoyance, as is the case of Kanna's elementary school partner (Riko) because she was blushing practically all the time (it was just too much in my opinion).

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