Attack on Titan 2

It has been 4 years since the first season of Attack on Titan (it was released in 2013) and the second season does not waste time in recapitulations and unnecessary dialogues (there are however some flashbacks to understand the events).

Best couple (brothers) in the show.

The events are resumed precisely where the first season remained. After Eren (in titan form) defeated the Titan woman, now a new mystery is revealed: apparently the walls surrounding the city have Titans inside or are made of Titans.

The Fuzzy Titan.

The Titan that catches most attention this season is a hairy titan who seems to be much smarter and can control / command the other titans.

The titans design hasn't changed.

As in the first season, Eren indicates that the whole truth will be discovered in his grandfather's house on the outskirts of the wall, but I do not know why they never take the decision to go once and for all to that place.

Oh Sasha has this awesome look.

Meanwhile another conflict lurks squad members 104 (the new recruits), because apparently there are titans infiltrated in the ranks of the group.

You can't miss the action.

New characters appear: Ymir, Krista, Bertolt and Reiner for example. At first everyone is focused on finding the hole in the wall where the titans are getting in but several titan attacks changes everything.

Later we know there is a secret yet to be revealed by Krista (His real name is History).

This girl could be Armin's new girlfriend.

This second season of Attack on Titan, has been much shorter than the first and in my opinion only introduce more doubts and suspense to the plot as they are revealing the answers by little rations of info leaving space for possible theories between the conflicts that happen.

Eren and Mikasa (and their relationship) is now somewhat diminished by the relationship between Ymir and Krista so they have much more time on the screen. Armin for his part is much more analytical. Levi does not get much out but now Hange takes much more leadership.

So we'll have to wait another season to clear up all the doubts. I just hope it's not just another 13 episodes and that the wait is not too long.

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