Little witch academia

At age 6, Atsuko Kagari attends a magic presentation of Shiny Chariot witch and she fell in love with the tricks and magic in general, so she decides to become a witch too to enlight people and make them believe in magic as well. Atsuko (Akko in short) enters the witch academy of Luna Nova for young girls (thanks to a phenomenal exception on behalf the directors of the academy).

Do you know Shiny Chariot?
Akko is a normal girl who does not come from a magic ancestral family so she ignores most magic spells making it a little hard for her to find the correct way to Luna Nova in the first day.

On the way to the academy Akko meets the gentle Lotte and the peculiar Sucy who help her and become friends. Later, to the surprise of the 3 they will share the dormitory and study together in the academy.

sometimes Sucy is a little creepy.

Atsuko soon shows that she is a big fan of Shiny Chariot (who has disappeared from the public eye many years ago). She even has the collectible cards with the spells of Shiny Chariot and soon participates in all the events in which Shiny Chariot used to participate when she studied in the Academy.

Yay, my first magic spell.

Surprisingly, Atsuko finds the magic wand of Shiny Chariot but Akko will need more to excell against the best student of Luna Nova: Diana Cavendish, a somewhat arrogant girl from a noble family of witches with a great tradition of excellence.

Look it's Diana, the best student.

But that is no impediment for Atsuko because what she does not have as a witch has in enthusiasm and determination to learn and strive in class to be the best witch and discover the disappearance of her childhood idol Shiny Chariot.

Are we playing Quidditch?
Little Witch Academy is an anime that in my opinion is like the anime version of the Harry Potter saga (or share many similarities). Sure, fun, comical and hilarious situations will make you laugh, but there are also moments of difficulty, friendship and optimism.

You don't have to worry Akko.

The drawing style is a little similar to Boku no Hero Academy (especially Tsuyu Asui compared to Akko) and to Kill la kill (they are from the same animation studio).

The secondary characters are important in the story (25 episodes) because we see many relationships between Akko and the other students and teachers of Luna Nova (redhead Amanda O'neill for example and Ursula sensei).

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