Blend S

Maika Sakuranomiya is by nature a person with bad luck looking for a job and everything is due to her look. One day, on the way to a job interview, she accidentally ran into Dino, the manager of Café Stile.

I would like to work with you

When she is rejected in the interview by her gaze, she walks aimlessly stopping just in front of Dino's Café, an Italian who loves Japanese anime and spent his nights watching anime, who immediately observes Maika's "sadistic" look and offers to work as a waitress in the cafeteria.


Maika comes from a traditional Japanese family and since very young she acquired a great fascination for foreign things. Her reason for working in the cafeteria is to save money to study abroad.

Let's go and have fun after work

Each waitress in the cafeteria must play or act a role apart from dealing with customers. Maika by his look must do the role of Sadistic (despises customers). Other waitresses who also work at the Café are Kaho (tall blonde with long hair) who likes a lot of video games makes the role of a Tsundere (she must get angry quickly).

Hehehe, this is my sadistic look

Also working is Mafuyu, who despite her size is already a university student, must act as Imouto (small sister).
New dish for the menu contest

We also have the chef of the Café, Kouyou, who dreams of an increase of female customers in the cafeteria since most of the people who arrive are men.

We need more Yuri

Later the popularity of the Café Stile is increased by the arrival of two new waitresses to interpret new roles and to put more emotion to the manager's occurrences and his attempts to get closer to Maika.

Who is your favorite waitress?

Blend S is a short anime, full of moe everywhere with everyday situations from day to day. Supposedly the girls work alone in the afternoon (or in their free time) but it seems that they spend there all day.

The color of the characters falls into cliché and I feel that they did not have much imagination for the design of the characters and their costumes, that is, the blonde with blue eyes and blue waitress suit. And in the case of Maika, "coincidentally" her school uniform is pink and her waitress uniform is pink too.

Similar series or with the same idea we could mention Working and Food Wars.

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