Re:Zero - Starting life in another world

Subaru Natsuki was suddenly transported to a different fantasy world when he returned from shopping. With only his shopping bag and cell phone he meets a girl who calls herself Stella, who has been robbed of a very important talisman for her.

I dont have money to buy an apple

Subaru decides to help her and thus traces Felt in this world, a girl who was left without her family and now is dedicated to stealing to survive.

Im pretty sure they are in Florence, Italy

Little Subaru would know what was getting into these messes but soon he discovers that as in a video game every time he dies he must repeat the scenes.

The second time he revives he discovers that Stella was the fake name that Emilia had given him, a girl with silver hair and who is heir to the crown, which requires the talisman as proof that she is worthy to wear the crown.

Ohh Emilia sama

But Subaru is still dying and repeating the day and every time he repeats he learns something new from the previous time. This is how he manages to learn and escape his misfortune.

Felt has only 15 years old

At the end when Subaru manages to return the Talisman and avoids his death he is transferred as a servant / guest to the mansion where Emilia lives and that is where he meets Rem and Ram, the two maids of the house, but beware because the sweet and angelic face of these girls are transformed when they get angry and decide to fight.

Identical twins but one has bigger boobs.

Subaru now falls into a new cycle of deaths and constant repetitions of the day. After a while he discovers the story about the witch and the dragon and that there are other suitors to the crown who are willing to eliminate Emilia because she represents an obstacle.

How can they see well with one eye covered?
Subaru must take advantage of his knowledge for the previous deaths, try to save everyone, take Emilia to the throne and without dying in the attempt to not repeat the cycle.

the Lord of the house looks like a rock star.

With 25 episodes, what I've written here only covers the first 7 episodes and there's a lot more story to discover.

At first I thought Re: Zero would be the typical story of harem with moe maids (like Zero no Tsukaima) but it is not like that. Its intricate plot of repetitions as time travel and psychological implications makes it interesting (and perhaps boring) but also exciting at the same time.

The half-robotic voices of Rem and Ram when they are together did not like me at all. I like them more when they are alone but for many otakus Rem and Ram are their favorite characters of the series (Personally, I like Emilia a lot more).

There appear so many secondary characters that I would have liked to see and know more about them in the background story but maybe there is room for a second season.

Subaru as a butler.

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